What size cupcakes do you offer?

We offer Jumbo and Mini sizes.  We sell the Jumbo every day in the bakery.  We have a limited number of minis each day for sale in the bakery available by pre-packaged assortments.

Do you make Gluten-Free Cupcakes and Cakes?

These are available by special order in vanilla or chocolate.  We require a dozen minimum per flavor of the jumbo size or two dozen minimum per flavor of the mini size.  Any of our cakes can be made gluten free.

Why do you call them "Almost" Gluten Free?

The batter is gluten free, however, we are not a certified gluten free bakery and do make baked goods with wheat so there is a possibility  of cross contamination.

Can I place an order for a cupcake flavor not on your regular everyday menu?

Yes!  If you want a flavor not on our every day menu, just call us and we can make up an order of any of our 200+ custom flavors at no extra charge.  Minimum order is 1 dozen jumbo or 2 dozen mini cupcakes.  Some minis are not available in special flavors.

If I want to place an order for cupcakes on your regular every day menu, is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum requirement when ordering our Signature Cupcake Flavors.

How do I get a quote and place an order for made-to-order custom designed cupcakes or cakes?

It is best to come into the bakery and visit with one of our bakers for a quote.  You may also call the bakery and discuss your needs over the phone.  If you have a design in mind, it is best to bring a few pictures of what you want us to create.  Also, let us know how many people it needs to serve and when you need your special order ready. 

How far in advance must I place a special order?

We are a small gourmet bakery and have limited capacity for special orders and occasionally hit our capacity.  Most orders only require a 24-48 hour advanced notice, but we would encourage you to order farther in advance for certain occasions to ensure we can accommodate your order.

When must I pay for my order?

All special orders must be paid at time of order.  If it is a very large order or a wedding order for months out, payment installment arrangements can be discussed.  However, all payments must be received not later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

What is considered a standard design on cakes or cupcakes where I won't pay an extra upcharge?

For cupcakes, if you want to substitute a different color icing or add sprinkles, there is no additional charge.  Standard cake decoration includes standard cupcake icing options and inscriptions.  There is a charge for more intricate designs or use of fondant for both cupcakes and cakes including flowers, unicorns or characters. 

Can you deliver and if so, what do you charge?

We can deliver within a 5 mile radius of the bakery (4280 Lavon Dr, Garland, TX).  For orders over $50, there is currently no charge for delivery.

What is your cancellation refund and exchange policy?

If there is an issue with design, coloring or quality, it must be addressed at pick up.  We want happy customers and will do everything we can to address your issue.  However, we do not issue refunds on custom orders nor will we make exchanges once items have left our store.  All cancellations must be received a minimum of 48 hours in advance.